Friday, 8 October 2010

Chatter Exhibition

I was invited to submit to the Chatter exhibition which will take place in the University of Southern California Gallery, School of Cinematic Arts, Los Angeles, USA from 28th October to 5th November 2010.

The gallery will be filled with monitors and each of the four walls in the space will have a projection screen. On these will be displayed a number of animated talking heads that repeat short lines of meaningless conversation on a loop. The overall impression created by the installation will be of the babble of crowds, reminiscent of conversations on Facebook or Twitter.

Being an East London lad, I thought a bit of meaningless cockney nonsense would be appropriate. You may recognise the character from an earlier post of 'random chaps'.
Full details can be found at:

Chatter Exhibition Submission Oct 2010 from Chris Colman on Vimeo.

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